January 30, Saturday — the day I discovered about LIFE CYCLE COFFEE! Well actually, I didn’t discover it. I found out about it from a random Facebook post, and on the night of January 30th, I just told Ranel if we could try and visit that newest cafe. And little did I know that we would experience such wonderful evening there.

Life Cycle Coffee

While hubs was driving, abi jud namo nasaag nami. We knew about the way to Vista View restaurant, and it was said from that facebook post na one kilometer away lang daw from the restaurant. So we just continued driving maski na super ngitngit kaayo ang dalan. And tadaaa! Didn’t expect to find it just along the road. Yep!

Sanji, the barista and owner, welcomed and greeted us. We ordered what’s best seller. Standing position lang sa mi sa gilid while waiting sa among order because there were only few tables and chairs ato na time. And then few minutes later, naa na’y vacant table. So we sat there, right in front of his stall, and didto na nagsugod ang among real experience with #lifecyclecoffee! ❤

Ranel and I are coffee lovers since we started dating. Pero during this moment lang jud mas na-understand and appreciate namo ang coffee; the very essence of it. Mas na love namo ang coffee ug samot — all thanks to Sanji and also to Danes, na na-meet lang sad namo that time sa cafe. Plus, we also got to meet some of the baristas from Purge and Stash who were also there on that evening.

my faves and highly recommended 🙂

It was getting late but the sky was still clear. It was a very cold breeze and the night was just so quiet with our cups of coffee filled with so much laughter and sharing. Totally, Sanji is so passionate about his craft. He even shared to us a short story about how he started and he really interacted with us just like a friend. He was so thoughtful that he even let us try first his own baked cookie before he sell it out to his stall. Also, he let us taste this Japanese saké too.

It was really one of my special events this year and I can truly say that it was so nice to have a coffee community! 🙂 It felt so good and happy knowing that some of my friends and the people I know in Davao had visited also this place. It’s always nice to support each other and to #supportlocal businesses.


Hilltop Langub Road, Davao City – a km away from Vista View

2PM – 10PM Saturdays and Sundays | 1PM – 9PM Mondays to Fridays


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