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Hello guys! I miss you. It’s been two months since my last blog post here in my little space online. And I know not all of my excuses are valid for not writing or sharing something here. But now, I am back again and I am so excited to share with you about my recent discovery.

Last month, we, my family and relatives, had our very first island hopping escapade in Samal Island. I really had fun and it was an unforgettable experience, but I will share it to you guys on another post so stay tuned for that. 😉 Anyway, aside from those happy memories shared together, I cannot forget also the scorching sun that was hitting in my skin. Although the weather was perfect, it was super sunny and totally hot.


Good thing I brought with me my golden discovery that time. Can you guess what it is? Tenteneneeen… It’s the golden Belo Sun Expert – a perfect shield to protect your body, face, and hair & scalp.


I really brought all the 5 UV guards to try them out but I wasn’t able to use the tinted sunscreen since I chose to use the Sun Expert Face Cover with SPF 40 which has clear coverage. (Because, of course when you’re at the beach, you just want to let your skin breathe and free your face from make-ups)


These golden products are perfect not just for summer use but also for daily use. And I, personally, have been using everyday the Belo Sun Expert Hair and Scalp Shield because it’s very hard for me to hide and protect my hair from sun damage taking the fact that my mode of transportation going to work is PUJ.


The Belo Sun Expert products are really a big help in protecting the major parts of my body that are exposed to sun everyday.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

But whatever sunscreens you use, it is ALWAYS important to keep protected and love your skin under the sun. ❤


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