There goes this saying, “A weekend well spent brings a week of content.” So just last weekend, I spent it for another food tripping. Who can say NO to food, right? Food is LOVE! Haha.

Anyway, I visited last Saturday one of the cutest cafés I’ve been to – Café Mi Corazon (named after the owner’s mother name). The café opened last August 2016 and it has the cutest space as well with a max of 20 seaters only but they have the best offerings and give out for you guys. The café’s frontage is not so attractive yet the appearance inside was simply appealing to look at and very charming. It may be the cutest café I’ve been to, but lo, never judge a book by its cover. With Café Mi Corazon, you will really never go wrong.


Looking at their food menu, you can actually choose and order a lot because of its super affordable price. Not only its reasonable price but also the satisfactions you can get once you taste their food. And take note, they did not hire a professional chef, they just cook and prepare the foods on their own. (Hands down for them!) If you’re planning to go there and try their yummy foods, here’s what I can highly recommend to you guys…


Pork Cutlets with Gravy (comes w/ drink already) – Php 65.00


Chicken Parmesan (w/ drink also) – Php 95.00


Cheese Dynamite – Php 50.00 (I tell you, this is really THE BOMB!)


Potato Croquettes – Php 55.00


And for the best part…


CMC’s Signature Cookie Shot with Milk – Php 55.00


Matcha Cookie Shot – Php 90.00

Here’s the step on how to take your cookie shots 🙂 Truly, a perfect mouth-watering combination. Aaahh!


CMC is located at Doña Segunda Complex, Bldg. 1 Stall 14 & 15A C. Bangoy, Davao City. You can contact them at 0915-258-0443. Fronting the only 7/11 store in the area, it is right straight from the small alley. They are open from 11am to 9pm Mondays to Saturdays.


Thank you so much to Café Mi Corazon and looking forward to try the rest on the menu. 🙂

Enjoy the place guys and have a shot of cookie! ❤


8 thoughts on “CAFÉ MI CORAZON

    1. hahaha katung cookie shot ate pril? hehehe i-try ate pril 😉 aside sa lingaw siya kaonon, super yummy and barato pa compared sa other cookie shots.. hihihi 🙂


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