I am a certified office girl – working 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. That’s actually pretty tough. It eats a lot of my free and personal time, especially when I need to extend or work overtime. There are other things that I want to do every after work, but so little time left.

Good thing, online shopping has become a thing nowadays. This other thing, which is shopping, that I wanted to do can now be done even when I’m just at home. It is simple and accessible, especially for those busy people like me. To be honest, I love shopping online but I only shop online for clothes, bags and shoes. I never go online for make-up or even skincare since I am not a fan of putting or playing make-ups on my face. I never care that much on my skin until I realized that it is the most important possession that should be taken care of especially for me that all the stress from work I do absorb everyday.


And I am so happy that I found and discovered this BeautyMNL site. It is the go-to beauty destination online in the Philippines where women can check out and purchase their old and new favorite beauty products – from hottest cult make-up, to hair and skin care products, essentials & down to accessories. What I love about this site is its wide range of different brands available to choose from. It is very categorized plus the reviews of each products comes from certified buyers, so it is really a sure way that I am buying a worth it and legit product.

They even have an in-house magazine called Bloom where you can read articles, reviews and tips from make-up and beauty enthusiasts and experts.

So let me share with you beauties my first ever Beauty MNL haul… (P.S. It was so hard to limit and control myself ‘cause there’s just so many products that I wanted to buy.)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Apple Cider Vinegar Cream from Skin Genie )

ACV is known for a lot of good benefits in anything. And one of those benefits is it clears acne or helps keep acne under control. I, myself, have an acne-prone skin. I heard many times already about this curing aid of ACV but I am actually afraid of trying it since it’s still a vinegar and it really stings. So when I found this ACV cream from Skin Genie, I was amazed that there’s a cream made out from an apple cider vinegar. Never made a second thought to add it in my cart and give it a try.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Innisfree Masks )

As I mentioned above, skin care is really important and in all the stress from work I face everyday, I really need something that will relax and calm me (my face) down. And that is where masks come in. These innisfree masks were really included in my shopping cart. (without any arguments to make. lol) I never hesitated to include these since I am really a fan of innisfree products and I personally loooove their masks.


Tea Fresh Oil Blotting Paper from Leiania House of Beauty )

A little extra oil can cause a lot of acne. And since I have an acne-prone skin, an oil absorbing sheet is always a must-have in my make-up kit. When I saw the word organic in this product, I thought to myself to give this a try too since I always use those absorbing sheets that can easily be bought in drugstores.


Concealer and Corrector Pots from Suesh )

Okay! I’ll be honest, guys. I am a baby-powder or pressed baby-powder girl. I am still and only using baby powder in my day-to-day life. But you know, seeing those make-up vlogs in youtube (especially those basic make-up tutorials) made me think that I should also level-up and try some make-up stuffs that would enhance my beauty. So I thought of a concealer since it can be used in any time or occasion. And when I read on the reviews of this Suesh concealer, all of the certified buyers were really satisfied.


Lip and Cheek Stain from Skin Genie )

A little trivia: You will never see any lippies in my make-up kit, instead a lot of different brands, kinds and shades of lip and cheek stains. Yes!  I do and really love tints since I was in high school. And when I found this product in Beauty MNL site, it was like a love-at-first-sight. Lol. Not only because of its 5-star reviews, but the price of this lip and cheek stain really caught my attention.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Overall, I am happy with my BeautyMNL shopping experience and very satisfied with the products I chose. BeautyMNL is definitely my go-to online destination now for my beauty, make-up and skin care needs.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beautymnl

Instagram: @beautymnl | www.instagram.com/beautymnl



    1. biaaa! kamustaaaa? true! and hindi malagkit sa lips. hehehe 80 pesos lang ang lip tint bi! kaya go buy na! hahaha check their site too for more and more and more products 😉


  1. I am inlove with those innisfree masks!!! Ahh how I wish they were affordable and accessible (tea tree masks seem to run out quickly at beautymnl!)

    xx jhanzey.net


    1. hi jhanz! thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 yaaah! trueee! i actually ordered innisfree masks two weeks ago nung nag-free shipping sila tapos 65 pesos na lang ang mask, but sooo sad out of stock ang tea tree 😦 kaya ayun! nag-aloe na lang ako (hoarded. hohoho) hehehe


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