People nowadays know how to appreciate different kinds of fashion, love numerous styles of fashion, and admire unique varieties of fashion. Even if you are just an instagrammer and you feel good about your OOTD, there are really times that you will ask someone or a friend to take a picture of you. But there are also other people who are not confident enough on posing a little and take an ootd picture of them anywhere outside.

Friends, do not just limit yourself on those white walls or plain background inside your house. You are what you wear. Don’t be afraid that people will look at you because guys remember – people will always stare at you, so make it worth their while. Let’s keep those eyes on you because you look fabulous no matter what you wear. And point is, there are no trends to follow. You as a free-spirited person makes it a trend.

(in every ootd shoot, there’s always a blooper one. lol)

Forever21 top | H&M culottes | SM Parisian sandals | BeCLUB bag


9 thoughts on “FREE-SPIRITED

    1. aaawww thanks for dropping by, chy? right? hihi i super love your blog too and wow! super tavel goals and very pretty πŸ™‚ let’s keep in touch with each other even just thru here, chy!x

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