DUTHIRSTEA – from the word itself “Duterte”, named after Davao City’s beloved mayor who is now the incoming President of the Philippines. It is found at No. 500 Gabaton Bldg. Elpidio Quirino Street, Davao City – almost in front of Palma Gil Elementary School or just blocks away from the old Manulife building.

Me and my main man found this cozy place at around eleven in the evening, and too sad we just stayed there for an hour because it will close at exactly twelve in the midnight. The ambiance of the shop is actually just simple but what I love in this place is its homey-like feeling. Plus, we were the only customers during that time so it was totally chill. And their food? Pretty good and very affordable. They also sell some Duterte printed shirts for remembrance or if you are a fan, for a collection. πŸ™‚ Definitely a must-try and visit for proud DabawenyosΒ and turistas in Davao. Give it a try. JAZZSAYINGS.

Why hello there Papa Digong πŸ˜€


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