Have you ever had that time when you are about to go out or hang out with your friends but you don’t feel like dressing up at all? Well, mine sometimes goes that way especially it’s very hot and humid this season here in the Philippines, so I just want to wear something easy-breezy but still looking nice and cute and that I can easily do or move any way I want. Good thing I have this “lazy dress” that I could easily pick out in my closet. It is my life-savior ootd since it is loose and it doesn’t stick to my body if I get a bit sweaty. And paired it with a flat-closed shoesies so that my feet won’t hurt from the whooole day’s activities. #JAZZSAYINGS

You can also hype thisΒ onΒ lookbookΒ πŸ™‚

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@pocketfulofsunshinedvo Lazy Dress |Β Lacoste shoes | @pocketfulofsunshinedvo nike cap | Casio watch



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